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Clean Room

Clean Room Molds: Precision & Purity 

Floridyne Engineering - ISO Standard Clean Room Injection Molds

At Floridyne Engineering, we specialize in the creation of clean room molds – an integral part of our commitment to producing medical components of unparalleled precision, quality, and safety. Clean room molds are meticulously crafted tools designed to facilitate the manufacturing of medical components within controlled environments that adhere to strict cleanliness and sterility standards.


Our ISO Standard Clean Room Injection molds include such capabilities as having rotary unscrewing (thread forming) actions using fully self contained servo drive for a true “fluid, petroleum and lubricant free” production mold. The drive, controller and components are completely self contained and offer a flexible, dynamic range of action control. 

These molds ensure impeccable hygiene and precision during the injection molding process, resulting in sterile and high-quality medical parts essential for patient safety and healthcare excellence.

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Clean room molds play a pivotal role in elevating medical component manufacturing to new heights of purity and precision. At Floridyne Engineering, we recognize the significance of these molds in creating medical solutions that are safe, reliable, and impactful. Our dedication to adhering to strict cleanliness standards, coupled with our technical expertise, positions us as a trusted partner in advancing healthcare through the production of components from clean room molds. Let us partner with you to contribute to the advancement of medical technology. 

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